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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How does wall art improve a room's ambiance?
Wall art enhances a room's ambiance by adding color, texture, and personality. It can create focal points, evoke emotions, and tie together the overall decor theme, making the space more inviting and visually appealing.
Q2 How to choose wall art?
First, consider the room’s style and color scheme to choose wall art. Select pieces that reflect your personal preferences and complement your existing design. Consider the size and location of the art to ensure that it fits well and enhances the overall room.
Q3 How to decorate living room walls?
To decorate your living room walls, start with decor like living room wall art, framed paintings, or wall plates. Choose pieces that represent your taste and match your existing furnishings. Consider adding a mix of textures with Karigari artwork for a unique touch.
Q4 Where to buy wall art online?
Buy wall art online at iCraft, your trusted source for a diverse selection of high-quality artworks. Explore our curated collection of wall paintings in various styles and themes, perfect for enhancing your home decor.